Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sublime restaurant

This all-vegan, mostly organic restaurant is located at 1431 North Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304. It is owned by Nanci Alexander. One thing that's really great about this place is that 100% of the profits will go to support organizations that promote animal welfare and a vegan lifestyle.
Check them out here


zlyrica said...

Wow how they do it? 100% profit to support organizations that promote animal welfare and a vegan lifestyle. No need to pay mortage or live? Sigh... sad to say not quite possible in s'pore, or is it?

KleoPatra said...

They sound like the kind of restaurant we all need to patronize. i wish places like this were all over and NOT the usual awful fast food fare seen 'round the world. (i won't McName names!!)

It sounds exotic, too inside:

"Cascading window waterfalls, skylights, Italian glass tiles, an open-hearth oven, and exotic trees reminiscent of a tropical rainforest..."

i'm swooning, i am!

Veggie Bun said...

Well, profit = revenue - expenses.
Expenses=rent+salaries etc..
so after that they donate it..

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Many years back, i think there was one vegetarian restuarant at Apollo Centre (if i am not wrong), all their proceeds go to charity. Before, i have a chance to try out, they are gone, not sure what happened.

dreamy said...

I think it's possible in Singapore, just that no one is doing it. I admire the owner and her concept of such a charity biz. But it will be hard if no one patronizes them, maybe they will save a little money to tide over the months where business is no doing so well.

Yes! It looks like a fine dining restaurant in a hotel. How I wish it were here and I have the $$ to dine there.. Maybe u can dine there when you make a trip to Florida and tell us how is it? :)

I didn't know there was such a restaurant.. maybe there wasn't enuf publicity. Or maybe ppl here would rather spend on "good" food even though it's for charity (I hope it's not the case)..

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