Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gluten recipe

The other day I read from some of the comments that gluten is non-existent in some places. That will be tough to make mock meat.

So here's the recipe for making gluten (again I took from the book "compassion" vegetarian cooking by Chan Sook Han - I hope I won't be sued :p).

Plain flour 3kg
Water 3.5 rice bowls

Put flour in a basin and add in the water, knead into a dough. Avoid contact with oil or grease.
Soak dough completely in water for 1 hour.
Wash the dough until the gluten becomes springy - changing water continuously until the water is translucent (This is why I thought gluten was environmentally unfriendly haha..)
Soak this raw gluten in clear water for more than 1 hour until it's surface is smooth.
It's ready to use now!

This book is really worth getting (even though it's not 100% vegan) as it features many 'secret' recipes which won't be seen in most cookbooks, but this book is very hard to get. There is a version 2 but I have yet to get my hands on that yet, when I work, I will make sure I get it :)


Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit. By the way I personally enjoy simple things at a BBQ like corn on the cob and potatoes done in the coals.

Thanks for the gluten recipe. I wish I could buy gluten (seitan) ready made here but like your country we either have to import or make most things ourselves. We haven't even got vegan cheese at this stage :(

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where to buy vegan cheese in singapore?

Thanks so much in advance!

Have a wonderful day and many more!

/ peaceloving

Anonymous said...

wah, looks really troublesome to make.. hehe.. but i;ll try.. thanks for the recipe

dreamy said...

Hi jackie, vegan cheese is also almost non-existent here... :(

Hi peaceloving, you can get vegan cheese at Supernature. Before going, do call them and ask if the vegan cheese is still available. The brand is "Cheezly". But be prepared to pay a bomb for them. Around $17 for 6 slices.

21 Orchard Boulevard
#01-21 Park House
Tel:6735 4338

Hi jn,
you are welcome :)

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