Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lifelong vegetarian compensated after being served meat

A lifelong vegetarian ordered a vegetarian meal but was served chicken on Malaysia Airlines. He vomitted after eating it and was paid RM20,000 for this distress caused when the court ruled in his favour.

Hmm... I wonder if I can get paid some money for the anguish I went through a couple of days back having to eat only white rice for lunch? :p Anyway, I think it's good that this incident wasn't taken lightly.

Talking about vegetarian food on airlines, sometimes I think they are much better than non-vegetarian food. Last time I took one of the China airlines to China and they served us vegetarian food which I thought was much better than the usual non-vegetarian food :).

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Edanator said...

Sometimes the food is good, but if you fly a lot with the same airline, you'll see how limited their food choices are. I was served the same dish thrice when I flew to America last month. Although the dish was ok, I think they could have tried some variation.

In my opinion Indian veg food must be the ultimate airplane food, so why can't we get any decent one? Even when Indian food is served, it's some blend boring dish. I want Chaana Masala like the one I just ate!!!

zlyrica said...

Ya, for the price we are paying why can't we get much better food.

I agree that China airlines serve good vegetarian food, travelled twice with them and no complain yet. And i also like the fact that vegetarian meals get to serve first, hehe...

Anonymous said...

Oh! i'm so happy to be able to post again. The blogger comments was blocked and I couldn't access it for some time.. :)

dreamy said...

Ah! You should change airlines next time, it will be more worth that few hundred bucks! :)

Chaana Masala? Where did you eat it? I have been avoiding Indian food for some time due to the extensive use of ghee and dairy in their dishes, and I have no idea which dishes they use that.

Yes, I like it too, and you can start eating while the others stare as your food *evil grin*

Really? Must be the blogger problem again.. sometimes there's something wrong with it. Rest assure I didn't block you from posting :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Indian food has quite a lot of dairy and it's hard to tell.

Oh, not you. I think it was blocked using proxy or banned sites by my internet provider.

Travegan said...

What troubles me about airline food is that they often forget to bring the special meal, or bring a wrong one, or just have the main dish vegan and then there's real butter or something on the side. But veg food in a Chinese train was a very positive surprise, all my meat-eating fellow travellers were totally jealous! :-)

As for Indian food, it's the north Indians who use ghee, south Indian veg food is more often vegan. The topic combination reminds me of Indian Airlines, they didn't respect special food orders at all but just asked everyone "veg or non-veg?" and their "veg" has dairy! Agh. Anyway, in south India, idlis, vadas, dosas, sambhar, chutney, puris & potato, and channa are almost always vegan, as are chapatis and rotis (naan may have dairy). I got these tips from an Indian vegan when going there. :-P

Edanator said...

Just ask if the food contains ghee or not. Many places actually don't put it inside.

dreamy said...

Yes, the airline I took also gave me some non-vegan stuff.

That's great, I am glad ghee is more expensive, otherwise it may be everywhere..

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