Sunday, June 17, 2007

Microsoft funds animal rights organization

If you have seen my previous post on using windows live messenger to make a difference to our world, you will be glad to know that Microsoft has now add the Humane Society of the United states as one of organizations you can choose to help while you chat. The Humane Society of the United States opposes animal use, and one of its biggest targets is animal agriculture. In your windows live messenger, you just need to type *hsus as part of your display name, and start chatting to others to make a difference! Click here to learn more about HSUS
Click here to read the news on Microsoft's funding


KleoPatra said...

i had no idea about this. WOW!! i am enjoying your blog, too... thank you for your compassion!

dreamy said...

No need to spent a cent and we can help HSUS :)

Thank you for your compassion too :) I am glad you enjoy the blog, I like urs too, it's got many awesome pics and the cartoon on the witches is funny! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dreamy,

Thanks for the Microsoft info. did not know about it. :)

Also, thanks again for the vegan cheese info. but have not gone to check with the shop yet.

Ever thought of importing the vegan stuff, such as cheese, ice cream, table spread, etc., for singapore, malaysia market? Also, raw food cafe could be a new hit here too.... since you are graduating and looking for a job. Hehehe......

Have a great day and many more!

/ peaceloving

Anonymous said...

too bad i don't use MSN. :(

dreamy said...

hahah... yes I did thought of an importing biz before! you are reading my mind! It can be good at the start, but in terms of biz growth I feel it may not be as good :) But then I am not a biz grad so I may be wrong hehe..

Yes, I juz grad... that means I need $$$ hard to start a brick and mortar biz, unless u wanna sponsor or be an angel investor? :)

Hi jn u can install it and start using! :)

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