Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poacher patrol

Poachers are killing animals for their body parts and the population of animals are declining. Help the animals by eliminating shotting the poachers with elephant dung and get the red flag to complete each of the three levels.


KleoPatra said...

heh heh heh. GET 'em!!

Travegan said...

Emmm... nice, but how do we get rid of the real poachers? There are many conservation programs of course but to solve the real problem we would need both education and an end to the poverty and overpopulation in these places. Maybe... send them to Mars! :-P

dreamy said...

Ah... that will be environemtally unfriendly to send them to mars hehe..
I think it's quite hard, especially since the area is quite large, they could be anywhere :S Poor animals :(
That's interesting, I didn't knew poverty was linked, I thought they were juz normal ppl who are very greedy. But not all poachers are living in poverty or are they?

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