Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Unbalanced, unhealthy vegetarian diet?

Many of the food sold at vegetarian stalls here aren't healthy. You find that in many places, you are mostly eating carbohydrates and fats. Protein usually come in the form of tofu and mock soy meat, sometimes tempeh - mostly from soy. And there is hardly any fruit or vegetable unless you order mix veg rice.

True, we can't complain, afterall these vegetarian stalls are here to help make lives easier for us when we are looking for a meal, but in the long run, eating out at these stalls all the time isn't going to do our health good at all. First, they have to make profits, that means no expensive plant foods and a lack of variety in the diet. Second, how good the food taste is very important, that means more oil, more salt, more condiments. Third, if it is healthy, it's usually more expensive. With a situation like that, how can we promote vegetarianism?

Thinking about the unbalance vegetarian diet, it reminds me that traditional chinese medicine practitioners usually do not advocate a vegetarian diet. However I came across this blog which teaches you how to balance the vegetarian diet.

Here are some of the points:
1) Include warming plant foods as many plant foods are cooling in nature
2) Cook your food (this may not be aggreable to raw people)
3) Balance the flavours and colours in the diet
4) Vary your diet in accordance with the four seasons
5) Avoid processed food
6) Make sure Vitamin B12 is supplemented

Read the details of the blog here.


Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

What should we do about this? Sigh ...

Look like there is a big need to promote and educate on healthy vegetarianism/veganism besides the usually talks on not harming animals, the karamic effects of killings etc etc.

dreamy said...

Yes I agree, I hate to see ppl complain of ill health and blaming it on a vegetarian diet when other vegetarians are doing so well. We never complain about a non-vegetarian diet when hospitals see a never ending stream of visitors. VSS is in fact doing a lot on healthy balanced veg diet, but need greater exposure and publicity. Most importantly, ppl who are willing to volunteer, we really lack ppl.

Edanator said...

This is another important issue, you raise. How do we get the stalls to serve healthier food. Many veg stalls serve brown rice, but that's about as far as their healthiness go. I'm getting sick and tired of all the mock meat, but often I have no choice but to eat it.

Veggies, veggies, veggies!

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

I must say VSS done a GREAT Job and i really admire their stamina and commitments in this noble cause.

What I am thinking is that the religious side, there are lots of things like fish liberations activities, talks on not killing animals etc to encourage less killing and go vegetarianism, but I don’t see any pointers given on healthy vegetarianism. Maybe, I have not come across any yet.

Veggies, humm, I think I shall make a point to suggest or request the vegetarian stalls to have more veggies whenever I dine out :p

dreamy said...

Yes Eda, I agree! Veggies, veggies and more veggies, and a wide variety too!

Thats a good thing to suggest that Crystal! Healthy vegetarianism, i think you are right, there isn't much on this topic, usually it's just "why u shldn't eat meat" kind of stuff.

Camemberu said...

Hey, plants and vegetables have feelings too!!

Anonymous said...

Why do feel the Need to promote a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. I don't feel the need to promote my lifestyle to anyone!!

Anonymous said...

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Anony Mous said...

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