Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The other night I had a bad dream of a zombie hunting me down. Today I came across zombies again - check out this picture of a vegetarian zombie :)

If you like monsters, you can check out Tofu the vegan zombie and Moby's desire to be a vegan vampire.
At work, one of my colleagues told me an interesting thing today. She knew a vegetarian who told her that she find non-vegetarians have a not-so-good smell. I haven't really experience this except if it comes from the mouth, or if someone smell of garlics. Anyway, there was a previous study done on vegetarian body odour which may be of interest.


Travegan said...

Well, when I've been sweating rivers in the super hot summers here a few people have commented that my sweat doesn't smell bad like that of most people does. So perhaps there is a point to those studies. We're supposed to taste better too. Cool, huh? :-)

dreamy said...

It's still hot over there? I have always thought september will be one of the best times in China. Must be all those weather changes... Taste better? I have never heard of this one, do you have the link?

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