Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Vegans vs non-vegan companies

What do Chrissie Hynde, Alan Donohoe and Moby have in common?
They are all vegetarians... and they turned down opportunities for their believes.

Chrissie Hynde's name has been used to promote Hogan's leather goods and she tried sueing them. Alan Donohoe turned down modelling for UK's top fashion house Burberry because of their use of fur. Moby rejected an opportunity in a steak sauce commercial. Yay to them all!

On the other hand, we have Stella McCartney, a vegan, teaming up with Adidas for marketing their products. All her wear would be cruelty-free, but Adidas is notorious for it's use of kangaroo skins in shoes. Although there are many companies selling both vegan and non-vegan stuff, wouldn't it be better to support 100% vegan companies and help them grow? Sometimes I think if we support non-vegan companies by buying their vegan items, we are only enlarging their market and not encouraging them to turn the rest of their items vegan.

Read about Hynde, Donohoe and Moby

Read about Stella McCartney


Anonymous said...
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Edanator said...

Tara is spamming...

Edanator said...

It's particulary sad that Stella chose to team up with Adidas of all companies. Not just because of their kangaroo leather, but also because they have no vegan sneakers, and their shoes are not even properly marked. Sellout!

dreamy said...

Tara is gone :)

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