Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sea Shepherd protecting whales and seals

If you have heard about Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, you would know they help to keep peace at the high seas by protecting marine wildlife actively.

Stopping illegal whalers

Sea Shepherd and Seals

Captain Paul Watson speaks


zlyrica said...

Yes i heard of it and i admire Captain Paul Watson for writing this


Edanator said...

My heroes!

Jackie said...

Thanks for posting. Being close to Antartica we know Sea Shepherd well from the many times they have docked in Cape Town and admire them tremendously.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Dreamy,
Is PeaceLoving, long time no "talk" again ya... glad that you are working now and can start planning for a vegan outlet...maybe near Balestier temple as you mentioned since there is not any veg. outlet there.
also, writing to you to share with you a new wanton noodle stall (vegetarian, of course) as mentioned in the lastest issue of VSS's e-letter, in Marine Parade, the old cinema just next to Parkway Parade. sui jiao mien is available too. Business starts from about 7am to 2pm. and from 3pm to about 9pm, it is taken over by vegetarian zhu chao (mainly vegan, except for fish soup noodle, that you have tell them to omit the milk, as i always do). Since they have just started business begin of Sept, not sure when their rest day is.

Have a Great week!

dreamy said...

Hi peaceloving, thanks for the information :) I am still ages from my own biz :p

Thanks for the link zlyrica, I didn;t know greenpeace served meat to their crew!

Cool to be able to see them! I would certainly take a pic of their boat if I can :)

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