Sunday, September 23, 2007

Balestier Road's "unvegetarianism" and a backslide

Just returned from a friend's birthday party and feeling a little hungry now. She forgot I was a vegetarian, so I had lots of shredded chinese turnip for dinner - the only thing vegan there. I accidently ate the bee hoon which she thought was vegetarian, turns out that it's not. Luckily I sensed the strange taste on my first mouthful. I guess accidents do happen once in a while.

When I got home, I saw several prostitutes (I assumed) with their "clients". Balestier is really turning more and more into an area of vice with all the cheap hotels opening, not forgetting the extreme lack of vegetarian stalls (in fact, there's none). You see so many stalls selling meat, meat and more meat that it's scary. The only places with vegetarian stalls are in the Whampoa market which is usually not opened for dinner. Another place where you can grab a quick bite is at the dumpling store which sells vegetarian nonya dumplings or the shops selling tau sa pia - most of them are vegetarian, but not vegan. If you have got bucks to spare, you can go for a meal at Lotus vegetarian restaurant at Quality hotel. Besides these, there are practically no reasonably priced vegetarian stalls/shops available if you are looking for a warm meal for dinner. We could do well with a vegetarian outlet near the Chinese temple with all these vice.


urban vegan said...

I hate those accidentally not-vegan moments.

So sad about the prostitutes. I also think animals are objectified much as woman have been.

Travegan said...

Yeah, those non-veg things happen... almost got me again in Qingdao when the folks in a food stall lied to me claiming their things would be veg over and over again but certainly they were not.

And what is it about prostitution in Asia? I thought Singapore would be clean in that respect also so it totally shocked me to see prostitution all over the place, I guess even more so since I stayed in Geylang. Here it's a little more hidden, but very much present. Like in Zhangjiajie this woman came knocking on my hotel room door near midnight, first talking about massages and then other stuff too. Hate that.

Anonymous said...

Hehe.. I thought balestier has always been famous for the boon tong kee chicken rice and the original bak kut teh.. So it's not surprising that there aren't veg food there.

dreamy said...

Yea VB, Balestier is most "meat" indeed besides lights and tau sa pia.

I had an encounter in China as well, where we were served a bowl of soup which tasted of meat, it's scary what they do for a few bucks.

Prostitution in SG is getting worse, now it spreaded to other areas from Geylang. Many people from the developing countries come here to sell themselves.

I most agree with you UV, the other day I picked up a magazine on cars and was shock to find nude pictures in the magazine :S

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