Monday, October 8, 2007

Oh my goat

I love the style of the short film below. My mum encounter similar experiences with pigs when she was young. In Singapore, we never have any closeness with "food" animals. The show's simplicity reminds me of the slow and relaxing times I had whenever I stayed at my Granny's house in Malaysia - a stark contrast to the pace of life here in Singapore. Alienated from animals doomed for our plates on top of the stress from the fast pace of life, it is no wonder why little thought is given to our food. I am glad shan made this video, it's shows us very important aspects of life.


madeinalaska said...

Hey there, I just stumbled across your blog! I would love to visit singapore someday!!!
I was in Thailand & Hong Kong in 2005. I look forward to visiting again in 2008 (my little brother is getting married in Thailand/ traditional family style.. he already married his girl here in the U.S. of A... but, has to make it official w/ her family... anyway, I look forward to reading more from your blog.. do you mind some cooking questions??? I am fascinated w/ non American cooking... and am soooo learning. .. would love for some of it to be authentic and not just from an American cookbook.. take care,

david santos said...


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dreamy said...

Hi Julee,
I am just a novice in cooking :) You may want to visit Crystal's blog. She lives in Singapore and she got some great local recipes on her blog. :) Here it is

Travegan said...

An excellent video, and reminds me of my Tamilian friend who turned vegetarian after seeing a goat killed. A similar event happened to one of the characters in my Tamil book. Seems to be a common theme. :-)

dreamy said...

you wrote a TAMIL book Jari?! When did u learn tamil? Is it about vegetarianism?

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