Saturday, October 13, 2007

On fearing death and eating meat

Yesterday, I was reminded of the impermance and transient nature of life, and to value our life as well as the lives of others. While travelling along Balestier, our bus passed an accident site on another lane. There was a lady lying on her stomach on the road right in front of a bus. It was so near us that it gave me quite a shock. Two police officers and another people were checking to see if she was alright. To my relief, I saw her moved a little.

The incident upset me a little and I think everyone on the bus were pretty shaken. I don't know what they were thinking, but when I reflected on this incident, I realized that the "Death" word was always something we try to avoid. When there is birth, death will always follow. Still, many chose to avoid this topic even though it's a natural process in our life.

The ironic part of this is, while we are afraid of discussing death; feel our hearts full of emotion with someone's passing; and chose instead to talk about living our lives cancer-free or other anti-ageing techniques; we happily support the millions of unnecessary and early deaths happening around us all the time with our greed for meat.

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