Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why vegans don't use silk

What is so cruel about using some left over cocoon of the moth larvae after it had became an adult moth and flew off? I wouldn't think it's cruel. Except, most silk produts isn't produced this way.

Commercially produced silk is taken from those larvae who are still developing into an adult moth in their cocoons, this is to ensure the thread of the cocoon is one continuous strand. Once the moth breaks out of it's cocoon, the thread will be broken and of less worth. When I went to China, we were brought to a silk factory to learn how silk is produced. What I saw was really cruel. Cocoons of larvae were left in boiling water with their extremely thin and fine "silk" being drawn on a rod to form a continuous thread. After that, we went to another room where there was this woman who took some of the leftover of the thread covering the worms' dead bodies and stretch it between two parallel metal rods. The worms were just thrown into a plastic bag like trash.

The tour guide brought us to buy silk items later - from quilts to ornaments, but no matter how fine and beautiful the artwork was, and how the tour guides tried to talk me into buying, I did not. There was even a silk cloth of Shakyamuni Buddha, I found it so ironic that thousands of lives died to make a picture one of the most compassionate persons in history.


Lyn Rose said...

I agree completely with you on this. The more people find out about animal (in this case silk worm) torture and slavery the less it will happen. I'm glad you didn't buy anything from them. It's amazing that they give people tours. I wonder how many protest what they see? Have a beautiful day- keep up the good work!

Lyn Rose

dreamy said...

Hi Lyn, thanks for visiting my blog. I doubt many will protest, at least not the people in my tour group :o

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