Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Cannibal-turned-vegetarian

Armin Meiwes killed, dismembered and ate his internet penpal. Most unexpectedly, he turned vegetarian lately in jail as he can't stand factory-farmed meat. He said human flesh tasted like pork and he reformed, and others should not copy his crime. I don't know if this is a good sign or not? A while back there was a vegetarian man who was also a serial murderer. It makes me shudder to think of the close connection between "vegetarian" and "murderer" :o

News report here:,21985,22796619-663,00.html


Edanator said...

He he, Rujoon! You should worry when you are around your vegetarian friends... Maybe we'll decide to turn serial murderers all of a sudden. ;-)

And if vegetarians turn serial murderers, what about us VEGANS? :-O

On a serious note:
People who are messed up in their heads and happen to be vegetarian will commit their crimes regardless of their dietary choice. The link between violence towards animals and violence towards humans is much stronger than any incidental violent vegetarian the press can find. This is news that work in our favor, but is sadly ignored.

The cannibal piece is a so-called "fluff piece" of little journalistic value. (Even I found this one a bit funny).

The serial murderer story is interesting, but clearly a case of a seriously disturbed man.

Edanator said...

Must add a comment about the cannibal:

This was not a case of violent murder and consumption of a helpless victim. In fact, the victim volunteered to be eaten, was alive during the first meat extraction and even ate his own meat. The cannibal Armin may be seriously disturbed, but what about the victim???

Elaine Vigneault said...

Wow, that's weird. Scary. I guess maybe it's a good thing? ...A sign he's changing?

bazu said...

Yeah, a lot of omnivores are murderers, too. A lot of human beings are murderers. There is no causal link.

This is the argument I use when someone says (incorrectly, by the way) that Hitler was a vegetarian. I say, "oh yeah? Hitler wore pants, too. You're wearing pants." That shuts them up!

Jackie said...

Glad to see the mystery of why you couldn't view my blog solved itself :)

Most Vegan males I have met are very kind, non violent types but there sadly is always an exception to every rule.

Anonymous said...
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dreamy said...

I guess vegans can be murderers and vampires hahaha... btw do u have the link to the link to animal violence and human violence? Yea it's strange, perhaps the victim thought Mr Cannibal was kidding..

I hope he really is changing, it's hard to guess what's he's thinking :o

Good point bazu... could use this tactic next time i m stump by similat questions :)

Veggie Bun said...

Bazu, I love your reply! hahaha... so funny..

thomastryon said...

The guy is still killing non humans, at least the human wanted to be killed unlike the calves, cows and male chickens octo lavo "vegetarians" are complicit in murdering.

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