Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Growing a mock duck

Singapore is a very "no-animal-interaction" place. You hardly get to interact with animals except cats, dogs, and birds. Interaction with farm animals is almost only when you are seated at the dinner table or when you make a trip down to the zoo. I do not think the zoo's education of farm animals is proper. Looking at the enrichment programme for primary school kids I was dismay to find the questions progress slowly from naming the different farm animals, to what kind of products they give humans, to "Do you think farm animals are good for us?". Who on Earth is to define that animals are meant for human use? It's sad that six and seven year old kids are ingrained with this concept of edible/usable animals vs non-edible/non-usable animals at such a young age. What's more ironic about this is they have programmes teaching kids about rainforest conservation, endangered animals and pollution. Raising animals for meat contributes greatly to rainforest destruction, endangering animals, and polluting our Earth.

Sorry I digressed. Here are the pictures of my interaction with mock duck.

1 comment:

urban vegan said...

It's great that you're raising awareness of this problem through your blog--and your cute duckling.

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