Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cows don't give milk

I was looking at Bazu's blog on a video called "The Dark Side Of Dairy". It was scary looking at those gigantic cow udders - artificially selected to be that big to produce more milk for human consumption. No wonder they say cows needed to be milk so as to relief themselves of such burden - the unnatural selection as a result of human manipulation.

Cows. Milk. Cows. Milk. Cows. Milk. From young, this strong link was created in my mind. I didn't give much thought to why the cow produce milk, was it for her own baby? What happens to her baby when I drink her milk? Why does the cow keep producing milk for us? To me, it was just "Cows give milk", "Milk has calcium which builds strong teeth and bones", "Milk is nice".

But now I know. Cows don't just keep producing milk for us and finally die so that we can have our steaks and burgers, why would they be so silly to do that? Like humans, to produce milk, cows have to give birth to her calf. A cow's milk is meant for her own baby to feed on and grow up. Humans come in and decide they want the milk for themselves. So the calf will have to feed on rubbish food and then die and become veal or grow up to become beef cows or dairy cows like their mum. To have more money, it will be better if each cow can give more milk, naturally, the way to do so will be to breed cows with lots of milk yield, resulting in the oversize udders. Being constantly impregnanted to maintain their milk flow naturally spents the cow and they are eventually killed for their meat.

Watch this video of the separation of the cow from her calf and how difficult it is for the cow to give birth. Imagine she has to endure this constantly...


Veggie Bun said...

wanna ask about this "Being constantly impregnanted to maintain their milk flow naturally spents the cow and they are eventually killed for their meat"

I forgot where I read that said breast-feeding woman will usually not get pregnant.. so it is not the same for cows?

Edanator said...

Cows are being raped every 12-16 months. Shortly after the calf is born, it is removed from it's mother and put on an artificial diet (because we don't want the calf to drink those precious white drops that people pay so much for, do we?). The fate of the calf is determined by it's sex. Male calves are slaughtered at a very young age to be sold as MEAT, while females are kept for a few more years, to replace their mothers as milk machines. After 3 or 4 rapes, the cow is worn out and will be slaughtered FOR MEAT. For vegetarians who still consume dairy products, this is an often unknown or ignored fact. For every dollar they spend on milk products, they are also paying a part of someone else's hamburger...

"There's a little piece of meat in every glass of milk."

Btw, the impregnation is completely artificial. A veterinarian (or so they claim) inserts his hand into the cow's vagina to plant the sperm. Quite disgusting, I'd say, but the guy who masturbates the bull may have an equally bad job.

Edanator said...

Rujoon, you forgot the compulsory fact sheet for every milk talk.

Lactose Intolerance by group

Human groups Percent Intolerant
Thais 98%
Southeast Asians 98%
Chinese 93%
Asian Americans 90%
Inner Mongolians 87.9%
Central Asians 80%
Southern Indians 70%
Northern Indians 27%

Looking at these numbers, I wonder how the dairy industry can still be permitted to spread their cow dung propaganda about cow milk being health food, or at least go on unchallenged. The gullible media has, of course, fallen for all their fancy words. Recently, I saw a long article about what lactose intolerant Singaporeans should do to be able to drink cow milk. Pills, low-lactose milk and complicated milk drinking routines were suggested to minimize foul farts and stomach cramps. Nowhere in this article was suggested the most obvious solution - to give up cow milk completely...

WAKE UP people!

dreamy said...

Hi VB,
Breast feeding women can get pregnant. The cows are artificially inseminated unlike humans, so I believed everything is timed and easier.

*AnN* said...

Oh my...i'm already off meat and milk, and seeing these video, i am gonna leave cheese far away at least for a while..
Poor thing..the cows suffered so much! Its amazing you get these videos.

Anni said...

Hi dreamy, this was exactly why I went vegan - I was a vegetarian, but when I realized how intertwined the dairy industry and the meat industry really are, and how badly the milking cows are treated, I couldn't keep on using milk any more.

By the way, I just noticed that one of your comments had been blocked from our blog a week ago, and now de-spammed it. I'm sorry it took this long, and hope our spam prevention program will learn form its mistakes!


urban vegan said...

I just can't watch these videos--but thank you for posting them. I really hope that people who are not familiar with how unnatural drinking animals' milk is will view them--and will better understand the very real pain cow mammas feel when their calves are taken from them.

Personally, I think drinking milk after we're weaned is gross--and drinking another being's milk is double-gross (not to mention unhealthy).

Veggie Bun said...

Urban vegan,
You've got a point there. Now that I really thought of it, I wouldn't want to drink my mom's milk now. Why do I still eat dairy products??? GOSh!!!...

OK. I shall stop eating anything I know that contains milk stuff or eggs from NOW.

Jari (travelling-vegan) said...

Great post, and congratulations to veggie bun for the wonderful decision! :-)

There was also a TV show in HK about the health aspect of dairy some time back, it can be viewed online here:

Veggie Bun said...

Sigh.. it's really hard to avoid any non-milk products. I still need to clear my stock of taro & red bean soya milk which has milk solids. Also, I realised this morning that I cannot even eat bread from the canteen if I want to be vegan. So I gave up again.

Edanator said...

Veggie bun: Do as much as you can! If you limit your consumption to a few grams of milk solids per week, you are already doing a lot. Just make sure to pick the vegan alternative, whenever one is available. And NEVER eat whole eggs, pizza (except vegan), omelette or drink milk or other milk products. Those things are LOADED with animal suffering.

Remember, it's for the animals sake, not yours.

dreamy said...

Hi VB, dun have to eat bread from the canteen? If you really have to, you can still eat, it's doesn't have to be an all or none thing. You can still reduce consumption to help :)

Veggie Bun said...

Oh, there are hardly anything left to eat in the canteen.. although i use the nickname veggiebun, i can't be eating vegetable pau for breakfast everyday! :P

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