Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 free online veg recipe books and a guide to cancer survival

I have found another 2 almost 100% vegan pdf recipe books online. Some of the recipes use Emes kosher gelatin, which was once thought to be vegan. Other recipes include honey and on ocassion, milk. But these appear very rarely in the cookbook, and shouldn't pose a problem to vegans who already mastered the "Art of substituting" :). What's good about these books is they teach how to make vegan cheeses, non-dairy milks, gravies, sauces and seasonings besides the usual stuff.

The two ebooks are "Vegetarian dishes of Latin America" and "Lifestyle to health recipes". Check them out at this page...wait, don't click yet, there's another free ebook "The survivor's guide - eating right for cancer survival". This book promotes a meat and dairy free approach to surviving cancer, do take a look and pass it on. Well, that doesn't mean vegetarians and vegans will not get cancer, just that lowering the risk is always better than egging your cells to screw up their division process.

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Halley said...

Yummy recipes!! I would be very happy on getting those free recipe books.

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