Saturday, July 12, 2008

Animal Paradise

Animal paradise is a short distance (less than 5 minutes) drive from NANAS. This is sanctuary houses many different animals, from wild, to farmed (once), to tame.

The dogs and cats are kept in cells and large cages which I would not really agree with. In NANAS they also keep the cats in cages :( But I guess there is really no choice when you have free-roaming dogs (NANAS) or many species of animals in the sanctuary. The guide in Animal Paradise told us they bring the dogs out for walks, so that's a bit better, though I still wish they can keep them in large enclosures if there is available space.

The guide told us the background of many of the animals. The monkeys were saved from gunshot wounds from orchard farmers. There were some blind cats saved from fish mongers who dig out their eyes when they steal fish. Three police dogs were saved from being put to death after they can't work anymore - the one specializing in sniffing drugs came with mucus running from it's nose because its got no drugs to sniff anymore. A few snakes were saved from snake farms. There was a orphaned wild boar whose mum died. Wild horses who escaped from their owners. A tortise after being hit by a car.

Here are some pictures...

From top left: mother goat and baby goat, ostriches, parrot eating rambutan, porcupine eating, tortoise walking, cows enjoying a snack.

The parrot is a particular animal I like to highlight. When we arrive, it greeted us "hello" and it can call our guide. I don't know is it because animal paradise plays the Buddha's name recitation player at all the enclosures, but the parrot also know how to say the Buddha's name. In the picture it is eating a rambutan. It will even stick it's head out of the cage so we can stroke it's head. Birds are indeed smart!

This one day trip allows personal experience of the animals' different personalities. They are not just all the same inanimate creature and to be bred for flesh, just like we are all different and not meant for another stronger species.
Address: Pekan nanas new village


Jari (travelling-vegan) said...

Nice that such a sanctuary exists... but weird about the cages! It reminds me of a temple in Indonesia where they kept the dogs in cages or at best in very short leashes. I tried telling the head monk to give some more space to the dogs, but while he was nodding I don't really think much happened. :S

Anonymous said...

can u tell me the contact no of the animal paradise

Anonymous said...

Pertubuhan Pengasih Haiwan, Pontian, Johor
Lot 2490, Mukim Jeram Batu, 81500 Pakan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia.

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