Sunday, July 13, 2008

Instinctive nature and anatomy

Yesterday I went to the "Vegetarian Experience" food fair at Little India. It was held to raise funds for Man Fut Tong old folks home. VSS had a booth there and there and was showing the usual videos on the TV set.

The chinese version of the "Love us, not eat us" sticker was being distributed. The usual things happen... people came to our booth, and left, some taking the free materials along with them.

But there was one boy who caught my attention. He saw the stickers, took one up, and started to look very carefully at it. Then he moved on to watch the video. He stayed watching for quite sometime, with his face very near the screen, fixated with an expression over his face. Take a look at his expression.

As adults, we have been bombarded for years by propangada, authority, etc. that we should include meat and animal products in our diet. In a sense, it will be harder for some of us to know instinctively what is right or wrong. But when we look at the reactions of the children when they see the animals being killed. You could tell they can't stand the cruelty and they don't understand why the humans are doing this to animals. This is based on instinct, on the true nature of humans. If our anatomy is meant to digest flesh, it is truely amazing why it differs so much from our true nature. It just doesn't make sense.

The only reason I can theorise for this is that we have deviated from our original diet. People often say our ancestors used to be hunter gatherers, so we should eat meat because our bodies are designed for an omnivorous diet. In the past we do not have a structured industry which produces for the masses, we have to rely on what nature gives us. But now, living in well-to-do nations where the food industry can easily provide all our needs, there is no reason why we should behave like hunter gatherers. They have no choice, we have.

Under the laws of evolution, even if we have ancestors who ate meat doesn't mean we should continue to eat meat. We are plague by vanquishing environmental resources, if we do not evolve to live on a vegetarian or predominantly vegetarian next, who knows what will befall mankind in the future?

If we can slowly evolve back to live on a vegetarian diet, it could really help ourselves align with our true nature, as well as help our world, and there will be hope..that's my two cents.


Anonymous said...

I'm so moved by this post of yours. You've given me renewed and added energy.

How many of us have gone through this path until some words, event, person had illuminated it? How many more will continue to walk through life in the dark and unaware? As a result, how many more living beings will be born into a life knowing only suffering and pain?

This is why we must not give up striving for ourselves, our loved ones, everyone else and all living beings.


Jackie said...

What an enjoyable day you must have had at the Vegetarian Experience.

Thanks goodness the young are now finding out that you do not need to kill anything to survive. The pressure of global warming will also force people to look carefully at the fact that if we continue eating meat there will not be enough food to feed the has already started.

Sandy said...

Indeed, Daniel Quinn suggests in his book (My Ishmael) that if there are still humans walking on this planet in 200 years' time, then they will not be living the way we do today !

I think the answer to the question why meat-eating is still continuing today is 'speciesism'. We have been socially conditioned to look down upon animals and value their life less than a fellow human being's. We are told that "God" gave us dominion over these animals...

Well, some thinking has to be changed soon, if we are to save ourselves.

dreamy said...

I am glad it helped vegemight :) I feel energised by ur comments too!

I agree jackie, I hope peace will prevail in the future, among us and the animals.

Sanfy: Yea I think parents have a huge part to play in the transformation of the world of the future. I learnt there was a little girl who cried and say she doesn't want to eat chicken anymore after her mum told her a story about the mother hen being killed and the baby chick left alone. And guess what? The dad reprimanded the mum for telling the girl this.. :(

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

The VSS Exhibition at Jurong West, there was a 4 yrs old little boy, loves the VSS exhibit so much. He can go thru them one by one with his mom. You can see that his eyes are glued on the exhibits. He came at least 3 times within a morning.

There was some visitors asked about George, didn't know he is so popular.

Some had seen the VSS exhibits before, still bother to see again :)

Our little kids do not know how their food come about. VSS exhibition is educational and a little exposure for to know about the world ...

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