Thursday, May 27, 2010

Going vegetarian on Vesak day

Tomorrow is Vesak Day where we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and Nirvana of the Buddha, and it's one of my favourite days out of 365 days. Many people will practice, do good deeds, and go vegetarian tomorrow and there will be less animals killed throughout the world.

Kong Meng San Monastery, there will be an exhibition "Gratitude to Earth and Earthlings", co-organized with the Vegetarian society of Singapore.

By going vegetarian on Vesak, we can remind ourselves the quality of loving-kindness and compassion - which are two of the four great immeasurables, the other two being joy and equanimity. We learn to cherish the animals lives like how we cherish our very own, give them a day of fearlessness, and help those who kill them for a living to abstain from killing and observe the first precept for one day.

And then what about the day after Vesak? Or the day after? And the day after? Do we continue to be a vegetarian? Should we continue to give fearlessness to the animals and encourage the butchers not to kill indirectly?

The Buddha did mentioned the three kinds of pure meat - not seen nor heard nor suspect (that a living being has been purposely slaughtered for the eater). However, nowadays the animals are slaughtered at a commercial scale worldwide for consumers. We can't really say that a living being is not purposely slaughtered for us anymore because if we buy we become the consumer. It is best to slowly draw towards vegetarianism to avoid these grey areas.

Choose veg today.


Persuaded said...

Hello! I found your site by searching for "vegan meal plans"... my daughter and I have spent the past week on a raw food fast for health and spiritual reasons and we feel sooo much better that we are thinking of going vegan for at least the summer. I love love love to cook, but my usual fare is very much the American standard (minus junk food)... bacon and eggs or homemade muffins for breakfast, casseroles or meat and potatoes for dinner. So all that to say, a vegan diet will be a big change! Thanks so much for your site, and I'll be sure to link to you from my blog if I end up using one of your meal plans☺


dreamy said...

Hi Diane,

Glad you are choosing vegan! I did not create those meal plans it's not my credit :p All the best in the new diet!

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