Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why is that cup of milk red?

Think that cup of milk you are drinking is white in colour?

Look. Again. Carefully.

This is what happens in an Ohio farm. It doesn't matter if your milk comes from Ohio or not. If this can happen in one place, it can happen anywhere else in the world. Hidden from public, nobody knows what kind of torture and abuse the animals go through besides these shown in the video.

You see them beat these animals till they bleed, how can you stop these craziness? You don't go beating these guys up, it's not the right way to stop them, you can't cure hatred by hatred. The only way that will help these cows, and help these guys quit their cruelty is to stop your own selfishness. Stop supporting the dairy industry by your quitting your own greed for dairy products.

"I don't care, let them suffer, let them die, I just want my dairy." Fine. Continue to think only about yourself, live for yourself, and be a slave to your taste buds. But when you are suffering and dying one day, don't blame anyone if nobody comes to your aid.

We can listen to those advertisements and pretend milk is healthy, nutritious and pure. But too bad that's just a fairy tale. Milk is now tainted with the hormones of anger and stress. And tainted red. With blood.

Check out Mercy for animals

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gokartmozart said...

Well said. I sincerely hope solid, real good comes out of this horrible episode of abuse. Hats off to MFA and the exposers worldwide.

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