Thursday, June 10, 2010

KFC protest failed in Singapore

After seeing this piece of news on an animal rights activist - Edward Basse from Peta getting house arrest because he wears a chicken costume and protest in front of a KFC outlet in Singapore, I thought I really need to write this in case anyone else comes along and protest in such a manner and see their efforts wasted. I think this isn't the first time animal rights organizations tried to protest in Singapore and failed.

First, the way of life here...

In Singapore, we are brought up to obey and follow the rules. Obey the laws. Obey what what you are told. If you follow the rules of the system you are ok. Things will be peaceful and you don't get riots and violence and such. If you don't want to follow the rules and try to be funny publicly, then you get into trouble. Everything gets screened by the system. If you try to send a letter to be published in the newspaper forum, it too will be screened and the system will decide if it gets published. If your article is considered "too extreme" it will not be published. This is a brief example of how the system works.

Recently the public order act was introduced, I believe most demonstrations would require permits. It isn't easy to do things in Singapore. Many things are regulated by the system, make sure you know the system well.

Police permits
Singapore Statutes Online - More on the different Acts

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