Saturday, June 12, 2010

Veal spoof

Meat eaters win! Vegetarians lose!
So be it. I rather lose and eat raw vegetables anytime than win by eating raw meat.

Anyway, even though this video was made against vegetarians, this is a good video that makes the veal industry better known. More about the veal industry here.
More about the link between the dairy and veal, and how consumption of dairy products supports the veal industry.

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Edanator said...

I don't see this as an anti-vegetarian clip. In fact, I'd say it has the opposite effect/intent.

Most people don't think of where their burgers come from and here it is clearly illustrated. And it also shows where more than half of the "excess" dairy calves end up, demonstrating why milk-drinking vegetarians are also directly responsible for the deaths of animal, baby animals nonetheless.

And when the burgers end up on the table, the family waiting is purposely drawn obese, a common "side-effect" of the American diet.

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