Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Humane animal exploitation - Introduction

In the past, I wrote a post discussing whether we should encourage animal welfare in the industries which exploit animals as it seems to be a more practical or should we support doing away with the exploiting animals.

Doing away with exploiting animals is still what I firmly believe in. No matter what kind of "welfare" we offer the animals, eventually the animals are still exploited. Humane killing is one type of this "welfare", we may give the cows the best classical music to listen to while they chew their grasses cheerfully on a vast green field. But in the end, the death is still frightening and painful for them. Nobody likes to be deprive of life, it is our most valuable, most precious thing. Aside from the usual exploitation of animals which deprive them of their life and health, there are other forms of animal exploitation, which is of less intensity then animals used for food, for their products, or for experiments.

I will be posting up a series of posts on these kinds of less intense animal exploitations shortly.

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