Saturday, August 28, 2010

Animal abusers let off too easily

Recently, we have been seeing a few cases of animal abuse in Singapore. A woman who hits her dog with some sticks for chewing cushion and another woman caning her dog repeatedly. The most recent case was a man who slams a dog repeatedly on the wall to death in the view of several people. The worse thing was.... none of these people step forward to stop this man from killing it! This behavior is really selfish and pathetic!

The maximum penalty for animal abuse in Singapore is only a fine of $10000 and/or 1 year jail, and hardly any of the animal abusers get maximum fine.

There was a man who slams a cat on the wall, killing it. He was jailed only 10 weeks. Another man tied a Myna on it's leg and hang it out by the window and was only fined $250. Many of the animal abusers were not found.

Singapore has strict laws for many many things - especially things related to money issues, but such lax laws for protection of animals. Gandhi said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Singapore is probably off the list of Gandhi's Great Nations. It's really disappointing to see a country placing so much emphasis on the wrong issues.


Anonymous said...

The States and Canada aren't any better, unfortunately :(

dreamy said...

Sigh... this is really sad :(

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