Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why Must We Eat The Animals? Oh Why? Oh Why?

A nice music video by - a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading vegetarianism through compassionate media and open-hearted analysis.

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Meredyth Willits said...

Living Vegan,

My new website is a place for all things wonderful for the body and the Earth. Currently I feel that vegan and vegetarianism is all spread out!

It is my goal to create a simple and single place for blogs, website, products, books etc. that are geared towards sustaining and helping the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

I would be honored if my current & future subscribers could get to know you and your work.

I hope you can take a moment and look at the site.
Membership is free.
Advertise your site and all that you do. I just want a common place for all things vegan and veg!

And no, it is not just for moms...I just liked the name.

Thank you,
Meredyth O. Willits

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