Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moon bear rescue by Animals Asia

Moon bears, also known as Asiatic black bears, are exploited for their bile, their paws (as a delicacy in Cantonese cuisine), their meat, their skin, even their bones, and they are also used in circus performances. Below is a video by Animals Asia Foundation which provides information on the moon bears and one of the things they are exploited for - bile from their gall bladders. It also shows how they help the bears.

For herbal alternatives to bear bile, please visit this link (It's in pdf format)

This is just one species of bear being exploited. There are many other bear species being targeted by human greed. Please do not hunt bears, or support any form of bear product by buying, using or eating them. Please do not support the industries which exploit live bears such as circus which use animal performances. This is the only way to end these sufferings.

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