Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Euthanizing animals - is it really ethical?

We often heard sick animals being put down humanely, or aged animals with illness put down, or even healthy animals being put down (in shelters). It has become so mainstream to put your pet down or put a sick stray down to put them out of suffering. Although it is for sure unethical to put healthy animals down, is euthanasia really the humane and ethical way to end a sick / aged animal's life and suffering?

Personally, I feel Euthanasia violates the animals' rights. Why? Because we choose to end their life when they aren't able to voice their decision. It's a little bit similar to what some vegans oppose to - feeding their cats a vegan diet which they feel it means forcing our vegan choice on them. Euthanasia is similar to forcing death on them - whether they like to accept it or not.

Sometimes we may think that it is out of love and compassion that we put pets down. But is it really? Why is it when our family members are sick or old we do not put them down? We know in our hearts it is not ethical to put human beings down. We won't want to be put down as well when we are sick and old. Given a choice - to live or die, most human beings will want to live, even if they are sick and feeble with terminal illnesses, they still cling on to hopes of recovery.

But what if an animal wants to die? If we choose instead to let them live will that be unethical? It is the same way we deal with humans. If our family or friends are really sick or aged and dying, and want to end their life, we don't go find someone to do them in, instead we comfort them with kind words or encouragement, or use spiritual aspects to help them to go on till the end naturally. Although not all animals can understand what we are saying, but the tone of our voice can bring them more comfort.

Animals may be suffering, but for all we know, they may not want to die. It is our own perception that they are not living quality life and in pain and so they have to be put down in what we presume a painless manner. But they can't speak, what do they want for themselves, we do not know.

Life or death, life's still a better choice. Let nature takes its course.

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