Sunday, May 15, 2011

What if you miss eating meat?

(Warning! This post may disgust you)

If you miss eating meat, just remind yourself it's the flesh of a rotting corpse. I don't think anyone wants to eat a corpse, less so a rotting one.

Bacon anyone? Other animals decomposes pretty much the same way.

Look what goes into a hot dog.

Sodium nitrite poisoning in China - "When a large amount of nitrite in the human body combines with protein-based food, the nitrite will react with the food and form a toxic substance called nitrosamine, this is carcinogenic."


EmilyH said...

Those videos are horrifying. I hate that such processed, disgusting food exists. I need to have my husband watch this.

PreferVege said...

When I see this post of yours, I am reminded of this Youtube video, or rather the comments left behind. I fail to understand how people can be disgusted at the thought of eating food that resembles human, yet swallow meat, a corpse of something that is truly once alive, without battling an eyelid.

The video can be found at I hope it is still around.

Nichole said...

As a (now) vegan, I'll admit sometimes I do miss eating meat... And the meat I miss is not the healthiest: KFC.

But I know how unhealthy it is, how horribly cruel the chicken industry is, and all the other stuff, and I just suppress the desire. Soon it fades.

While I became vegan for the health reasons, I now have backed that up with knowledge of the cruelty in the meat-raising world.

I have just started a new blog ( where I am hoping to delve more deeply into this issue. Right now I've only posted a few articles about health in general, but I hope to branch out more in the near future.

Thanks for sharing this info, it definitely needs to get out!

Anonymous said...

It's kind of sad to read in a recent newspaper article that the originator of Facebook resort to the measures of personally killing the animals for his meat consumption.

dreamy said...

Dear everyone, Thanks for dropping by.

Perfervege: Perhaps it is stil ldifficult for them to relate to another living being in another form besides human.

Nichole: Perhaps it could be the spices used in the KFC you are missing rather than the real meat itself.

Anonymous: Yes, I read that too, thought it was totally unnecessary. Slauther videos are more than sufficient to substitute the actual experience.

Dávid Réfi said...

You are really cool! This is an amazing combination of videos that show how disgusting eating meat! At the same thime surely sad.
What do you think about posting such videos on facebook to show people what they eat?
Best, Dave

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