Sunday, June 5, 2011

World's saddest dolphins

Saving dolphins from slaughter and from businesses who will buy them for profit. This was what I learnt from the cove movie. Who would have known that even after all these awareness, we now require a "saving dolphins" campaign in Singapore.

Resorts world sentosa has captured 27 dolphins from the wild to keep them in enclosures for (obviously) profit. 2 of the dolphins have already died. The rest are currently being trained in the Philippines for their eventual use at RWS.

Using the dolphins for Dolphin Assisted Therapy for humans and for educating humans are some of the attractions that will be introduced.

Actually I think association with ANY animal can bring along some kind of therapeutic effect. Not only dolphins. But people like dolphins as they look gentle and as if they are happy all the time and because it's not an animal most of us eat - so perhaps the perceived "dolphins are better therapy assistants". But I think if you really want therapy, especially therapy to heighten compassion, the best kind would be association with farm animals - association with those who are about to be slaughtered, and then re-association with them again when they are free and happy.

Education using dolphins is just another excuse to make money. The dolphins are trained in the philippines. What can we possibly learn from trained animals, I think it's more like they are learning from us. In their natural habitat, where they are roaming free and wild, that is where you get to learn.

If RWS refuses to release these dolphins. Please do not visit RWS to support their dolphins enclosures. These animals don't deserve to suffer just so that someone can get rich.

Visit this site by ACRES to show your support for the dolphins freedom!


Leong C.F. said...

I avoided the dolphin show during my trip to Sentosa last month. I learned that dolphins does not belong to captivity from The Cove. It's a torture. The should be free

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I agree totally that dolphins used as therapy, as ambassadors so on... are all excuses to make money. It totally disgust me how people could go such lengths to bring suffering to these animals.

Go Vegan!

Sara (The Veggie Eco-Life) said...

I couldn't agree with you more... It's so so so sad what they do with these intelligent creatures.

Zoe Crook said...

It is so sad, dolphons are beautiful.

Thank for your brilliant blog posts, they have opened up my eyes to a new world. I saw the widget on the side about how many animals have been killed as soon as I clicked on the page - it is so melancholy what is happening to the innocent animals.

dreamy said...

Dear all,

Thank you for your comments, it's really sad to know that these animals are all used by mankind to benefit themselves.

I hope more people will also understand these sufferings of the animals like you do, and make it a point not to visit dolphin shows.

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