Thursday, September 8, 2011

Acres blamed for "cyber harassing"

Acres has been blamed for cyber harassing Resorts world sentosa's Facebook wall about the 25 dolphins that will be sent to RWS marine life park attraction.

News here:

But seriously, I don't think RWS will do anything despite all these calls to halt the enslavement of dolphins. Who's going to pay back the money they spent to buy the dolphins? Who's going to pay back the money and effort spent on developing the enclosures? Who will be willing to forgo all the forecasted profits that the dolphins will bring? Their bottom line is not about whether animal rights activists are going to be happy with them, it's about money. They are not going to care if a few animal rights activists are not going to visit their shows when they are attracting locals and tourists by the hoards. Unless EVERYBODY boycotts their dolphin shows in the future, which is unlikely to happen. Although I don't think there will be solid results of change, I think ACRES and the dolphin supporters has been doing well so far in raising awareness of this issue.

Making yet another marine life park when there are already so many marine life parks in the world is a mistake. If there is no marine life park here people who want to look at marine life at artificial habitats can simply go other places to see or watch them on TV. Why can't we choose something that is innovative and more animal and enviromentally friendly (or at least neutral) instead of copying existing detrimental marine life parks that are already available? We don't need to promote enslavement to help the economy.

I went to Hong Kong last time and visted their marine life park which talks about conserving the environment and serves meat and seafood everywhere. Goodness. What kind of rubbish conservation is that? If you want to conserve marine life then don't eat seafood, don't eat fish oil. Then the food web will naturally go back to balance. You can't conserve anything by building a marine park and breeding a few animals, it's not even a solution.

RWS facebook page yesterday.... now the number of likes has rocketed to 41 and comments have reached 73.

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