Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toddler drinks milk from cow

You probably have seen this in the news - but maybe not in video. This little boy shares the same milk source as a calf - from a mother cow.

I thought this looked quite natural since his (human) mum isn't around to feed him. People may find it strange, but the milk we are drinking also came from there! Why didn't anyone find it strange? If it was an adult, drinking from the cow, then that would be really weird.

And look at the cow. She is so patient even though another species is drinking her milk. Simply amazing. I don't even know if humans are that patient if it was someone else's human child drinking from them. For the cow, perhaps she can be patient with one child. If there are millions of kids as well as adult humans demanding milk from her day in day out with no rest - which is what's happening nowadays - it will be a kind of torture.

His mother should have stayed to nurse her baby. It is natural for human babies to want to drink milk (from a human), the cow was probably his last choice.

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