Saturday, September 10, 2016

I am still vegan

Hi Everyone,

It's been so long since I blog.

I am still vegan :) Don't worry, I didn't go back to eating meat. Will be hitting my 12th year as a vegan soon on 26 Nov 2016.

Life's just very busy nowadays that I can't find time to blog.

I did went through the "health dip" which some vegans went through after some years on a vegan diet. It is this health dip that cause many vegans to give up and went back to meat or animal products. But I didn't give up because I know deep in my heart a vegan diet is workable.

Many changes were made. The key is: ELIMINATE, DETOX, NOURISH - Yes my "END" method :) The END of an unhealthy diet.

I totally ELIMINATED the following foods:
Mock Meats,
Black and White pepper,
Spicy Food (curries, chilli, jalapeno peppers etc.),
Deep Fried food and food with a lot of oil used in the making/cooking.

(These foods are SO PREVALENT in Singapore and South East Asia.)

and MINIMISE the following:
Processed food high in fat, sugar, salt, addictives, preservatives etc.

If you cannot eliminate the Mock Meat due to its texture, use MINIMALLY this to substitute:
Textured Vegetable Protein that is not fried, and not flavoured - ensure you chew it really well and soak it longer when rehydrating so it is less taxing for your hardworking stomach.

I went to see a Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor to DETOX my body to purge myself of the RUBBISH I have been filling myself with all these years.

DETOX also involves ROUTINE EXERCISE (that has enough exertion!). This will purge you of more toxins from your body. Yes you need to get off that chair. I am going to implement this very soon.

After that, NOURISH your body back with WHOLESOME VEGAN NUTRITION. I am biohacking the effects of different vegan sourced nutrition on my body. Some of which are not frequently use in a vegan diet. There has been quite a number of positive effects.

Follow the END method to END your unhealthy diet and lifestyle, and you will gradually feel less and less weak, even now going into the late DETOX phase and starting to try out the NOURISH phase, my health has already stopped dipping free fall.

I believe I can crack the secret to THRIVE on a clean vegan diet soon.


Srishti Verma said...

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Srishti Verma said...

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Anonymous said...

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