Friday, October 21, 2016

Cataracts and a vegan diet

Before we go into how diet affect cataract development... a friend of mine has been raising funds for A New Vision - a charity organization giving free eye surgeries for the poor and blind in indonesia to help them see again. Indonesia is the 2nd country in the world after Ethopia with the largest number of blind - and guess what? 4 out of 5 of these blind people Can Be Cured with a simple cataract surgery.

I urge you to help them recover their sight, you can click on the crowdfunding link below to take a look at their campaign and contribute... hurry though, the campaign will expire in a few days. The campaign has expired, see updates below. You can still donate to A New Vision here.

UPDATE 25oct16: For those who donated to A New Vision, thank you very much! You have helped them meet the target amount raised, this means more eyes will not have to remain blind!

Currently the campaign is still accepting donations and it will end in less than a day, if they receive a good sufficient number of unique donors during this period (repeated donations from the same individual not counted) they will stand a chance to win the Mastercard Grand Prize of US$25K for their charity. So do inform your family and friends about this good cause, the more support they can receive, the closer to getting more funds for the blind beneficaries. Thanks once again!

UPDATE 1nov16: Thank you to all who supported! A New Vision has now entered the Grand Finals to pitch their project to the judges. Check out Project Inspire's facebook post below.  

Now about sight and diet... how is the amount of meat we are eating related to cataract development later? have summarised a study on this pretty well... Take a look at the video.

Key points
Cutting back on meat cuts down your risk about 15%.
Just do fish, down 21%.
No fish, 30% drop in risk.
And then, no eggs and dairy for the full 40% drop in risk.

Overall, compared with meat-eaters who consumed 100 grams of meat and meat products a day, fish-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans had approximately 20%, 30%, and 40% lower risk of cataracts, respectively.

It's great that we still have our sight now, and have the blessings to learn how to lower the risk of getting cataracts through dietary intake - compared to the blind in Indonesia whom many have no access to the proper education and medical facilities. What better way is there to celebrate and be thankful for our sight by going and staying veg and make a small donation to help the blind recover their sight?


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