Tuesday, May 8, 2007


This is a 3D animation about 3 fisherman friends who got attacked by a giant squid. And while the last fisherman was drowning, pictures of animal suffering surfaced in his mind. I think the movie linked his suffering to the animals' suffering very well. Just a note if you intend to watch... I find this movie a little violent (towards humans).


zlyrica said...

Wow, you should do regular blogging for VSS... :)

Well, most humans will not realise killing of animals is considered as violence. In fact, most of us will not consider it as violence until we, or other humans, are killed by the animals.

Animals have feelings and family too.

dreamy said...

:) thanks, but then vss doesn't have a blog..

Yes, I agree. While I was typing the statement about violence, it also crossed my mind that I can't actually say it's violent cuz isn't that what we do to animals everyday? So I decided to put "violence to humans" :)

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