Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Ramsay and horse meat

If you have seen my previous post on Ramsay, you probably think Ramsay is a pretty "meat" person. Right. Now he is promoting horse meat in his TV show and got some remarks from several groups, including PETA: "Truly talented chefs rely on their culinary skills, not controversy, to grab headlines". Michele Hanson has made some comments over this issue which I thought was funny, especially "Must we eat everything that moves? We're already waddling about, overweight, constipated, bad-tempered, prone to heart disease and bowel cancer and malnourished by our rubbish diet of too many burgers and nuggets, too much meat and not enough fruit and veg. Now here comes Gordon egging us on to try horse" as well as the "Black beauty with her atrophied legs" comment.

Articles sources:
Ramsay's show promotes horses for main courses
Gordon Ramsay has horse BBQ
Michele Hanson's comments (The Guardian)


Edanator said...

This and similar "strange meat" articles could be used by us, though. Almost everyone has a favourite animal that they would not want to eat. Most often they are cats, dogs, horses or dolphins, but some meat eaters actually don't eat pigs, chicken, etc, because they like the animals too much. If we can make these people realize that other people won't eat other species for exactly the same reason, we have won a huge victory. The obvious next step is to make them realize that some humans choose to eat NO animals at all, again for the same reason.

One of the biggest obstacles for us vegetarians is to overcome the prejudice against us by the meat eating community. If they understand where we are coming from, they cannot dismiss us as easily anymore.

dreamy said...

Thats an interesting point! will let VSS know.

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